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Report on seminars - University of Salamanca

The team of the University of Salamanca organised two seminars for the dissemination of the partial results of the MERIDIUM project:



1) On the 11th of May, at the University of Salamanca, with the title “Multilinguism and Integration: tours and proposals”, for representatives of the local education (School Inspectorate), union representatives, local political, institutions, NGO’s and immigrant associations. For this seminar speakers from all this sections were invited.

2) On the 12th of May, at the University of Salamanca, with the title “Languages and worlds between desks”, for representatives of the local institutions, school directors, teachers of foreign languages, primary school teachers, NGO’s, street educational workers, education technical advisor, immigrant associations and social services department.

The seminars were organized at the Faculty of Philology in Salamanca. Information was distributed to all institutions involved in the social reality of immigrants in Salamanca, as an example of the situation in Spain. All local institutions, political and educational, then became involved in the seminars and we are very pleasant for it (see Programs).



In preparation for the seminars, publicity materials have been produced and distributed:

  • A5 posters advertising the seminars (11th PDF; 12th PDF).
  • A4 posters advertising the seminars (11th PDF; 12th PDF).
  • Flyers were prepared for the two seminars (150 for both seminars)
  • Invitation per Mail (with the programs attached) to the management department in the University, to the school principals involved in the project, to the local political, institutions, Local Council.
  • The schools selected for the questionnaire administration were provided with brochures (A and B) and one CD-Rom.
  • Participants received Certificates of Participation.
  • The press and television were invited for the USAL seminar (see also La gaceta regional de salamanca) and La opiniòn).


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These two seminars were respectively held in form of round table for bachelor students, for teacher, postgraduate students, school administrators, political, educators, etcetera.

These seminars were attended respectively by 30 and 35 people, including 6 colleagues from the University of Salamanca. The seminars have been completed recorded (visual and audio recording)

Date: 11th of May “Multilinguism and Integration: tours and proposals” (Moderators: Prof. Paulino Matas Gil and Prof. Mª Mar Soliño Pazó) [see Seminar Presentation]. Topics of the day:

  • Linguistic competences and world of work
  • Multilingualism and immigration in Spain
  • Labor management and multilingual contexts
  • Linguistic competences and access to services
  • Interaction initiatives and social and cultural integration through language.


  1. Opening from the institutional representatives of the University of Salamanca
  2. Presentation of the Project (Mª Mar Soliño Pazó)
  3. Distribution of Meridium materials including the preliminary results of the MERIDIUM Project
  4. Presentation on the mentioned topics by the several participants 5. Discussion
  5. Conclusion


Date: 12th of May “Languages and worlds between desks” (Moderators: Prof. Vicente González Martín and Prof. Manuel Heras García). Topics of the day:

  • Spanish as second language literacy and the acquisition perspective: the “interlanguage notion” and errors analysis
  • Spanish as second language literacy and the interlanguage perspective: the typological distance between Spanish and the first language of the foreign pupils
  • Assessment of linguistic diversity and languages skills: educational tour and school context
  • Dynamic integration and family involvement


  1. Opening from the institutional representatives of the University of Salamanca
  2. Presentation of the preliminary results of the MERIDIUM Project (Manuel Heras García)
  3. The outcome of the MERIDIUM questionnaires distributed to children.
  4. The outcome of the MERIDIUM questionnaires distributed to their parents.
  5. Presentation of the children immigration based on an example in a school of Salamanca involved in the project.
  6. Presentation by the educational technical advisor for diversity of the educational institution in Salamanca
  7. Presentation of a NGO in Salamanca by the representative social coordinator
  8. Council: social department
  9. Foreign teacher
  10. Discussion
  11. Conclusion




The conclusion reached at these seminars/workshops were that we have much to do in the area of migration and there integration. And we need a larger number of interculture mediators, especially in north and central Spain as Andalusia and Canary Islands, have a great number of this mediators, who are very implicated in the integration of immigrant and their diversity and social problems. The MERIDIUM brochures and CD were distributes to the parents, children, students and staff who contributes to the project, we sent it to the schools and they distributed to these.

The children’s brochure was well received and the Heads of schools will commented these brochures with a short report and we have to continue to distributed to other schools during the next academic year.

Actually we are working with a NGO in Salamanca, interviewing children attending 3 days a week to the centre to make homeworks and their parents to learn Spanish. It’s a very interesting project, which gives a more realistic perspective to the MERIDIUM project. Now we are discover that the own children (the most integrated one) are playing the role of interculture mediator for his family and fellows.


At schools there have to be a greater number of protocols to host the immigration children to ensure full integration from the start for the child and their families. Schools have to heavily involve in the integration, so that nobody feels excluded. Major general conclusions was that Government should be involved much more.



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