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Report on seminars - University of Cluj Napoca

The Babeș-Bolyai University team organized two seminars for the dissemination of the partial results of the MERIDIUM project.

1) 24-th of May 2011

2) 30-th of May 2011



General information

• 24-th of May 2011, the first seminar was addressed to teachers of foreign languages, sociologists, primary school counselors and other representatives; the event took place at the Victoria Hotel, in one of the main conference rooms and was organized with support from the School Inspectorate in Cluj

• 30-th of May 2011, the second seminar was addressed to representatives of local public institutions and NGOs; one of the main guests of the conference was the representative of the Immigrations Bureau in Cluj. The event took place at the Topaz Hotel, in one of the main conference rooms and was organized with support from AIDA – the Association for Durable Initiatives (see



For both of the seminars we produced the following materials: -invitations and short descriptions of the invited speakers and their speeches -brochures, CDs for all the participants to the event -each of the school representatives received 50 brochures (A and B) and one CD-rom that were to be given to the primary school pupils


Short description of the seminars

Both two seminars had two main sessions; the first session was meant to give the Babeș-Bolyai team the opportunity to present to those invited the general and main aspects of the project. The coordinator of the team, Mr Dan Chiribuca presented the main aspects of the project while the other two members of the team presented a short description of the Country report, the Context Analysis and the Data analysis; the second session had the purpose to present the two brochures, for adults and children, and give the audience the opportunity to develop free discussions about topics like multilingualism, migratory profiles in Romania and Europe, and main issues that the immigrant / emigrant communities are forced to deal with in the context of globalization.


Annexes to the report:

- invitation [pdf]

- conference program [pdf]

- powerpoint material describing the project and its main results

- pictures from the two seminars [soon]



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