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World News

World News [Ottobre - Novembre 2001]

XXXVI Convegno annuale della Società italiana di Glottologia

150 anni. L'identità linguistica italiana

Università degli Studi di Udine giovedì 27 - sabato 29 ottobre 2011




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For those who may be interested, here a few links to International Conferences


4th AILA Seminar on Language and Migration Language, Migration and Labour

AILA Research Network on Language and Migration Fribourg (Switzerland), 28-29 January 2010




Ethics & Politics of Research with Immigrant Populations

Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), 04-Jun-2010 - 05-Jun-2010

This interdisciplinary conference addresses the question: What are the epistemological and ethical considerations in research with immigrant populations? The purpose of this conference is to engage university and community colleagues and students from a variety of disciplines and interests in consideration of this and other questions about ethics and epistemology in their research practices.




International conference on New Challenges for Multilingualism in Europe organized by the LINEE -Network of Excellence

Dubrovnik (Croatia), 11-15 April 2010

With an increased awareness of international globalisation and European integration, the existing mainstream conceptualizations of multilingualism and linguistic diversity have been increasingly questioned, in particular within the humanities and the social sciences. In a EU context of socio-political transition it is therefore a challenge to take stock of the existing disciplinary knowledge, and to reassess it against the background of the ongoing integration process which goes along with the transformation of traditional linguistic and cultural patterns where languages still function as markers of national identity and as symbols of social and economic power manifestations.



World News [settembre 2009]



The Human Rights Act (1998) guarantees liberty and a fair trial. That's relevant because it means that suspects must be told why they are being arrested or charged in a language they understand. They are also entitled to free assistance from an interpreter in court.

But what about the everyday stuff? The Human Rights Act does not entitle pupils to education in their own language. It doesn't ensure patients understand their doctor's diagnosis. It doesn't help non-English speakers report crimes, attend parents' evenings or fathom tenancy agreements.



The eisteddfod plays host to a series of events on the Welsh language plans


Visitors to this week's National Eisteddfod at Bala in Gwynedd are being consulted by the assembly government on how to strengthen the Welsh language.




"Esperanto has a rather unique speech community. The language was launched in 1887 as an easy and neutral language for international communication, and there is an Esperanto Movement that aims to improve the world by encouraging the use of Esperanto.The aims are perhaps best summarised by

There is also an Esperanto community, which overlaps with but is not identical with the Movement. Estimates of the number of people who can speak (some) Esperanto vary from 100 000 to several millions." Edmund



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