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MERIDIUM Newsletter September 2010

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In this issue, we are pleased to publish links to useful websites dealing with aspects of multilingual education. Please click on the links below for more information about each project and the related initiatives.


September, 2010

Focus on Growing up in Multicultural Societies: Education


Un Portale per le Scuole di Diritti Umani/ Portal for Human Rights Schools
The Portal for Human Rights Schools offers resources for schools, policy makers, educators, students, and individuals interested in the implementation of a human rights-based approach (HRBA) to schooling. A human rights-based approach to schooling is concerned with the organisation of learning so that it is reflective of human rights principles and promotes understanding and cherishing of the human rights framework.
Un portale che offre risorse per un’educazione basata sul principio del rispetto dei Diritti Umani, che deve riflettersi anche nell’organizzazione dell’apprendimento.


Conferenza sui risultati delle Neuroscienze e sulle possibili ricadute sulla Didattica, Losanna 29 e 30 Aprile 2011
The Brain: Learning and Applications Spring Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 29th and 30th 2011
This conference held at the International School of Lausanne in conjunction with Greenleaf Learning, is an opportunity for educators to learn about new developments in neuroscience research with practical classroom applications and strategies.
La scuola Internazionale di Losanna ospiterà una conferenza per conoscere i più recenti sviluppi delle neuroscienze e le ricadute sulla didattica. 


Crescere nelle città (multiculrali)/ Growing up in (multicultural) Cities
A Program to evaluate and improve local environments ‘Growing Up in Cities’ fits well with the priorities of the MOST Programme, which concern scientific and policy approaches to social development and the management of social transformations, particularly in the areas of multiculturalism, migration, urbanization, and local and regional coping processes in response to global phenomena.

Un programma internazionale disegnato per coinvolgere i giovani nella valutazione e nel miglioramento degli ambienti in cui vivono, con particolare attenzione all’area del multiculturalismo, dell’immigrazione e in generale delle risposte ai fenomeni di respiro globale.


Diritti negati: l’educazione per le Minoranze (2009) / MInorities Rights Report (2009)
Millions of European children still denied an education – new global report (2009) 

Although Europe boasts high standards of education, for children from minority communities segregated classes, obstacles to mother tongue education and difficulties with integration are resulting in discrimination and sometimes exclusion.

Un rapporto denuncia le carenze educative a danno delle comunità di minoranza, che vedono negati alcuni loro diritti, tra i quali quello all’educazione nella loro lingua madre.



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