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FCSH-UNL meridium team leader

Maria Isabel Tomás

Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, UNL, since 2005, where she teaches courses in the areas of Sociolinguistics, Research Methods in Linguistics, Teaching Portuguese as L2, Language and Identity in Creole Communities.

PhD in Linguistics – Sociolinguistics, from UNL, 2005.

Research papers and oral communications on: Linguistic Processes and Social Contexts in Language Obsolescence and Death; Portuguese lexically based creoles.

Researcher in the CLUNL Research Group “Discourse Interaction” (GIID). Collaboration as an associate researcher in the ongoing project "EVE" (CHAM/FCSH/UNL).

Collaboration with the research project: “Speech Interaction in Social Intervention. Conversational Analysis applied to Social Work”. (CLISSIS/GIID (CLUNL)/CLA Sintra), 2007-2008.



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