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Multilingual Matters


*Edited by Terrence G Wiley (Arizona State University), Jin Sook Lee (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Russell W Rumberger*

This is an important volume with immediate implications for educators and policy makers. Co-edited by three leading scholars in the field of language minority education, The Education of Language Minority Immigrants in the United States will be a valuable resource in graduate courses in language policy, sociology and anthropology of education, and multicultural education; and will be of particular interest to researchers of bilingual education and policy studies. A key strength of this book is its interdisciplinarity, bringing experts from diverse fields ranging from applied linguistics to sociology to economics. A further strength of the book is its judicious presentation of both large-scale quantitative studies and in-depth ethnographic investigations. I recommend it to all researchers, educators, and policy makers who are concerned with the education of language minority students.

Professor Sarah J. Shin, University of Maryland Baltimore County

This book focuses on educational language minority immigrant issues in the United States. It draws from quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to inform educational policy and practice. The contributions are grouped according to three broad themes: factors predicting language proficiency, the role of language and identity in the lives of immigrant language minority youth, and issues of educational policy related to this group.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism October 2009 320pp Hbk ISBN 9781847692115 £69.95 / US$119.95 / CAN$119.95 / €89.95 Pbk ISBN 9781847692108 £27.95 / US$39.95 / CAN$39.95 / €34.95

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(2)* CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY DIVERSE CLASSROOMS* *New Dilemmas for Teachers* *Edited by Jennifer Miller (Monash University), Alex Kostogriz (Deakin University) and Margaret Gearon (Monash University)*

This book raises a range of philosophical and pedagogical issues of fundamental importance to those working in linguistically and culturally classrooms everywhere and deserves to become a key text for teacher education courses.

Viv Edwards, The National Centre for Language and Literacy, University of Reading, UK.

The growing cultural, racial and linguistic diversity in schools has changed the face of language teaching in many countries. This book presents theory and research by a group of internationally recognised scholars who address the issues and challenges for teachers and their students in increasingly plurilingual and multicultural classrooms.

New Perspectives on Language and Education October 2009 312pp Hbk ISBN 9781847692177 £69.95 / US$119.95 / CAN$119.95 / €89.95 Pbk ISBN 9781847692160 £24.95 / US$49.95 / CAN$49.95 / €34.95

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This volume represents a much needed update on issues in assessing vocabulary. It displays the empirical grounding and rigor that only an established scholar like James Milton can provide. A refreshing aspect of the book is that the author questions even the most basic preconceived notions that scholars and teacher practitioners might have about what it means to know a word and to assess this knowledge, and that he reports on the results of his inquiry in an honest and even-handed way.

Andrew Cohen, Second Language Studies, University of Minnesota, USA

This book tackles the ever-intriguing, yet often staggeringly underestimated subject of measuring second language vocabulary development. By adeptly coalescing the second language acquisition theory with the state-of-the-art vocabulary research, along with an original evaluation of the position of vocabulary in general language assessment, Milton convincingly demonstrates the weight vocabulary [measurement] carries in foreign language learning and teaching. Written in a wonderfully systematic and appealingly reader-friendly way, this volume is an especially valid contribution to the field, as well as an indisputable resource and guide for all those interested in exploring any aspect of foreign language vocabulary development.

Visnja Pavicic-Takac, Faculty of Philosophy, J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia

Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition describes the effect that word frequency and lexical coverage have on learning and communication in a foreign language. It examines the tools we have for assessing the various facets of vocabulary knowledge, the scores these produce, and the way these are tied to exam and communicative performance.

Second Language Acquisition October 2009 288pp Hbk ISBN 9781847692085 £69.95 / US$129.95 / CAN$129.95 / €89.95 Pbk ISBN 9781847692078 £29.95 / US$54.95 / CAN$54.95 / €39.95.

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(4) *MULTILINGUALISM IN MATHEMATICS CLASSROOMS* *Global Perspectives* *Edited by Richard Barwell (University of Ottawa)*

The editor has astutely provided some of us who regard mathematics as a challenge with a book worth reading. The editor has collected a set of chapters which renders it possible to feel like an expert of a field one doesn't know about. It is this confidence and intellectual conceit which of course is a necessary step in a development of and not the closure of expertise in this important field.

Sinfree Makoni.

This timely book will greatly interest anyone seeking a better understanding of teaching and learning mathematics in linguistically diverse contexts. Researchers and educators of both mathematics and languages will find resources and inspiration in each chapter./ Prof. Mamokgethi Setati Learning and teaching mathematics in multilingual, bilingual or second language settings can be challenging. This collection explores the complex issues that arise in multilingual mathematics classrooms in Europe, South Asia, North America and Australia. Each contribution draws on recent research to offer new insights into the relationship between language, learning and mathematics.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism September 2009 200pp Hbk ISBN 9781847692054 £49.95 / US$99.95 / CAN$99.95 / €69.95 Pbk ISBN 9781847692047 £24.95 / US$39.95 / CAN$39.95 / €29.95

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(5) *GENDERED IDENTITIES AND IMMIGRANT LANGUAGE LEARNING* *Julia Menard-Warwick (University of California)*

/Humorous and irreverent, embarrassed and frustrated, angry and grateful, the participants in Menard-Warwick’s study emerge as real people on the pages of this engaging and compassionate book that privileges immigrants’ voices and experiences. Investigating the complex interplay between gender, class, ethnicity, and immigration status, Menard-Warwick revitalizes the inquiry into the relationship between gender, power, and second language and literacy learning and makes important connections between sociolinguistic theory and adult ESL teaching practice.

Aneta Pavlenko, College of Education, Temple University, USA

This ethnographic study of a California English as a Second Language program explores how the gendered life experiences of immigrant adults shape their participation in both the English language classroom and the education of their children, within the contemporary sociohistorical context of Latin American immigration to the United States.

Critical Language and Literacy Studies October 2009 232pp Hbk ISBN 9781847692146 £59.95 / US$99.95 / CAN$99.95 / €79.95 Pbk ISBN 9781847692139 £21.95 / US$34.95 / CAN$34.95 / €29.95

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