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MERIDIUM Documentation and study Center


We intend to create a permanent facility which allows to share and consolidate the results of the network cooperation, making it available to other subjects/authorities interested. In particular, the project provides for:


a. establishing, at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, a study and documentation center on multilingualism in Mediterranean Europe, which is being offered as a permanent and consultation facility promoting and monitoring policies supporting multilingualism and linguistic integration of immigration.

b. creating a website and an online database, to publish and share materials pertaining to the research between partners and third parties, and to publish information (newsletter) and relevant documents on multilingualism and linguistic integration in Mediterranean Europe. Among principal aims of the Center:

• documenting Meridium research

• publish a newsletter on the project

• construct a Library on multilingualism and linguistic policies

• documenting and promoting ‘good practices’

• organize scientific meetings

• offer a counseling service on mulitlingual policies and linguistic integration



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