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We intend to involve administrative and educational institutions and the working world in the discussion of the results of the project.

In particular, we intend to create:

1) opportunities of exchange and confrontation with the schools involved in the sampling, with the aim of sharing the results of the surveys;  

2) seminars for school officials, local and working world authorities, with the aim of providing useful interpretations of the migratory phenomenon and tools to improve dynamics of linguistic integration;  

3) spreading of the results of the project to national and international stakeholders.


To spread results and good practices, we planned different actions:

  • Efficiently spreading the results of the project outside the scientific circuit through informative materials (in electronic format – CD-ROM – and paper format) intentionally created for specific targets (comics for children, brochures for adults).
  • Plan communication strategies which, with the help of local institutions and educational institutes, directly involve the scholastic population (e.g. theme-based contests) and call on the attention of the civil society (e.g. publicity through the media).
  • Diffuse the project results to the scientific community at a national and international level, publishing papers on the web-site and organizing a final international conference.


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