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UTBV Meridium staff

Elena Buja

Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

PhD in linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics Institute and Otvos Lorand University, Budapest – Hungary. Title of the dissertation: Relating Events in Narrative: A Case Study of Romanian. Fields of research: phonology, child language acquisition, sociolinguistics

• Academic courses published at “Transilvania” University Publishing House of Brasov

• Over 15 research articles on Linguistics and Child/Second Language acquisition, published in national and international journals.

Her current research interest is in the topic of ‘minorities’ and bilingual children who stem from mixed marriages in Romania.

She is interested in the factors that trigger code-switching in the early sentences of such children. Her subjects are 2 children: a child born in a Hungarian-Romanian family and one born in a Romanian-German family.



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