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Unistrapg Meridium Staff

Alejandro Marcaccio

Adjoint Professor in the Department of Language Sciences at the Faculty of Italian Language and Culture (Unistrapg) since 2005, where he teaches Theoretical Linguistics and Anthropology of Language.

PhD in Linguistics from the University of Perugia – University for Foreigners.

Research interests and competencies: History of Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics (Costamagna - Marcaccio, 2003 - ICoN - www. Cognitive Linguistics applied to the Second Language Learning and Teaching (2008, Collana Conversarii. Studi linguistici del CLA, Ed. Guerra, Perugia) and Lexicography.

Research activity and Collaboration with Research Projects: DLM (Dizionario del Lessico Metalinguistico - and derived projects. More recently his range of interests include Conversational Analysis and in particular the analysis of non-cooperative communicative interaction.



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