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Unistrapg Meridium Staff

Mauro Pichiassi

Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics and Technology for Linguistic Education, he teaches since 1976 at Unistrapg.

He has given lessons and seminars in teacher and training courses in Italy and abroad (in countries such as Austria, Australia, United States. Greece etc.). His interests and studies range from Applied Linguistics to Language testing, from contrastive linguistics to new technologies applications, and include problems concerning social and cross cultural integration of immigrants who are attending Italian public schools.

Author of many publications concerning the teaching and learning of Italian language, has published also theoretical studies about language testing and applied linguistics. Among his publications must be mentioned Fondamenti di glottodidattica (1999), a fundamental text for the Applied Linguistics to Italian, and the more recent Apprendere l’italiano L2 nell’era digitale (2007).



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