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Unistrapg Team Leader

Stefania Scaglione

Associate Professor in the Department of Language Sciences at the Faculty of Italian Language and Culture (Unistrapg) since 2006, where she teaches Sociolinguistics.

PhD. In Linguistics from the University of Pisa (1998). Research activity on: linguistic variation and change in contact situations (language attrition and loss, language contact, language acquisition); sociology of language (linguistic rights of minorities and language policy and planning).

Collaboration with the research projects: “MedTyp” (1999-2001, Italian National Research Council); “Language acquisition and variation. Principles and strategies of systemic organisation” (2005-2007, Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research). Coordinator of the project “Observatory: Italian as a second language and Italians abroad” (2001-2006, Department of Language Sciences, Unistrapg)



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