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Project areas of action

Areas of intervention where multilingualism can be promoted are the following:

  1. Primary education
  2. Adults education


According to Speciale Eurobarometro (n°243, “Europeans and their Languages”), Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Romanian are among european coutries with the lower incidence of the knowledge of foreigner languages (among 47 and 41%, vs. average european level of 56%).

Such a situation is a risk factor that limits integration for every citizen and every immigrant. Beside that, it is urgent, in a lack of institutional measures, to provide an educational support to ‘second generation immigrants’.

In Italy, as an example, data show a rate of school failure greater for immigrants than for italian students (cfr. Alunni con cittadinanza non italiana. Scuole statali e non statali. Anno Scolastico 2006-2007, MPI – Direzione Generale per gli Studi e la Programmazione e per i Sistemi Informativi, Roma, 2008).

To create a european citizenship, it is necessary to promote:

• Knowledge of language

• Linguistic integration of immigrants

• Linguistic positive attitudes toward multilingual repertoires



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