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Call for posters

The Conference includes a poster session for sharing ongoing research on the conference issues


Posters may address the following issues:

- Linguistic Plurality in European countries: descriptive or comparative analyses on linguistic policies in European countries in relation to official, national, regional and minority languages or in relation to knowledge of other European languages as foreign languages; case-studies on projects and strategies devoted to promotion of multilingualism at the local or national level.

- The impact of migration flows: descriptive or comparative analyses on linguistic integration or linguistic practices of immigrant communities in workplaces or schools; case-studies on ethnic languages promotion and their impact on perception of multilingualism by immigrant and local communities.

- Traditional Models and new perspectives on linguistic diversity and integration in Europe: analyses of traditional models of linguistic integration and new perspectives towards social and educational paradigms promoting inclusion and pluralism.


Posters may deal with:

- research in the field;

- best practices and national or European projects.


Selected posters will be published on MERIDIUM website.


Authors should submit the following information to, by October 31 2011:

- personal data:

• name

• institution

• title of the poster • contacts (e-mail, telephone, fax)

- an attachment containing (please do not specify your personal data in the attachment):

• title of the poster (IT/ENG)

• a 250-word abstract (IT/ENG)


Those who intend to take part in the poster session have to fill in the registration form [pdf] and tick on poster session.


Posters will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the conference; Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection via email by November 7th 2011.


Poster size

Posters must be a maximum 80 cm wide x 100 cm high.



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