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Country report

Country report

A country report is conceived as a techincal report in which to summarize data with the aim of:

(a) Collecting elements related to the demo-linguistic characteristics of each country, as well as elements useful to evaluate as a whole migration patterns and policies; describing the derived internal linguistic structure and strategies for the handling of linguistic integration.

  • a1. Collecting data on the demo-linguistic aspect as well as linguistic policies characterizing each partner country
  • a2. Collecting data on migratory trends in the last thirty years (absolute values, percentages, place of origin/destination, distribution in the country of arrival/of departure), surveying in detail those pertaining to the current situation.
  • a3. Collecting documentation on migratory policies on a national level, referred in particular to those regarding the educational field


(b) Selecting relevant territorial areas (provinces) from which centers will be sampled

  • b1. Identifying for each country the areas (province) with a higher migratory density
  • b2. Determining significant characteristics for these areas, in order to obtain a varied sample (e.g. geographic areas, economic vocation, dimension of centers; [to apply in the end] concentration of immigrants per nationality; continuity of the trend)

           - b3.Formulating a proposal of sample areas (max. 5-6) in order to identify the centers to be involved in the survey.




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